Douglas McCoy is living a fulfilled life in many ways. He is known as the ReCreation Kingby many of his students, friends, and fellow coaches. He has been living his life the past 30 years inspiring people to ReCreate themselves and live effective lives. Of course, Doughas already ReCreated himself multiple times to succeed in various fields. From being an author, a sought-after life coach, a sportsman to a multi-awarded entrepreneur and self-made millionaire.

Doug’s mentors Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Tanner taught him numerous techniques and principles that he was able to use for the next 30 years. He first studied Dr. Tanner’s teaching, while he was in England at the age of 21. Ever since Dr. Tanner has passed away, Doug carried on his brilliant works and passed on his amazing understanding of the Miracle of PAR and Thought Dynamics. Doug has learned incredible yet simple steps to change one’s life with the miracle of PAR.

Doug is also well known for his How Cool Series of Books. He spent 12 years studying and researching with great teachers, psychiatrists, psychologists, color therapists, applied kinesiologists, cartoonists, art teachers, doctors of hypnotherapy and educators, and discovered and put together a formula that:

  • stimulates the brain
  • creates more interest
  • provides variety
  • allows colored pictures to produce greater impressions on your mind
  • provides humor
  • adds fun to the reading experience.

Doug has spent years setting out the How Cool Series of Books full of bright colored cartoons with humor and colored graphics to help teach the principles even more powerfully than just words. he has used the principle:  “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.” 

The said series is hailed as the world’s first series of books written especially for Right and Left Brain Readers The life and self-improvement books have been tailored to help people enjoy reading and understand the principles of Personal Development thoroughly. These books are aimed to assist and help real people develop greater self confidence, improve self image and have greater personal belief while they learn and adopt the amazing skills being taught: How toReCreate themselves.